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“The number of players with mental fragility has increased rapidly even if they are good at playing”

​ That is the "reason" and "mission" of this INV.

Behind the launch of the team "INV", there was a "certain question" that was growing in my mind.

I believe that in the e-sports world, there is a limit to the “clan” and “team” as “a group of people who are good at playing”.
I believe that the reason for this is the rapid increase in the number of players who are mentally vulnerable even if they are good at playing.

Signs, achievements, and "coolness" by members such as "people in that clan are strong"

Now that it has become a red ocean with various clans and teams entering, the competition is even more intense.


Also, from an individual player's point of view, if the expiration date is tied to the activity focused on the play side,

It will be a very severe activity for the player's own play quality and competition record.


If you see signs of peaking out due to poor performance or the rise of even stronger players,

Leave a clan or team, or transfer to another clan to rekindle its popularity.


There are many cases where the same is repeated.

Literacy such as confirmation of sources and selection of information on the Internet is also declining.
In this day and age, where outfielders tend to give one-sided evaluations, I have always wondered, "What is a truly attractive team?"

The only members who can join "INV" are "those with exceptional human power".

But there are no age barriers.Whether you are an elementary school student or an elderly person, there is no change in the fact that you are a single person.

Our youngest member is currently 10 years old.

And most of them are in their 20s to 50s, and there are many experienced people who have stepped on the number of places as members of society.

We "INV"

We will strive to be a new model case for the e-sports world through a completely different approach than the existing ones, aiming for healthy activities.

INVERSE esports team

Representative Takaki

ABOUT: ようこそ!
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