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[Sponsor] Blue Partner

[Sponsor] Blue Partner


INVERSE esports team

This is the purchase page for "Blue Partner".


  • Privilege

    We are looking for partners who can support the activities of the INVERSE esports team.

    The following benefits are available to those who cooperate.

    [Sponsorship type/privilege details]
    ・Your company name (including group name and individual name) and product name will be introduced on the INVERSE esports team website.

    ・Your company name (including organization name and activity name) and product name will be announced to participants at events and competitions hosted by the INVERSE esports team.

  • About Sponsorship Apostles

    The donations received will be used for the following purposes.


    [Business expenses] / Business expenses

    [Management expenses] / postage, printing, consumables, advertising, performance, outsourced production

    [Reserve] / Reserve

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